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 Officially founded by guitarist/vocalist Tim Jones and vocalist Terri~B as an independent artists collective ten years ago, the story of the North of England based Stone Premonitions label in fact reaches back more than thirty years. Especially for Tim Jones this means an almost complete adult life in the British music scene, and this again means thirty years of experience with heights and depths, contacts with the music industry and with many, many musicians. Taking all this together you have the reason why the Stone Premonitions project despite its counter-cultural enthusiasm and idealism is grounded in solid realism. The most important bands on the label are The Rabbit’s Hat, Census Of Hallucinations, Krom Lek, Body Full Of Stars, Mr. Quimby’s Beard and, of course, Tim Jones and Terri~B as solo artists. With this and many releases from other musicians the varied scope of the current musical underground is well and representatively covered. The repertoire includes Space and Psychedelic Rock as well as distinguished Pub Rock, varied and demanding Pop, and songs with political content that are critical of society.


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Fantastic new triple CD compilation from the Stone Premonitions Collective, allowing the artists to really stretch out and show what they're about. Featuring both classic tracks and previously unreleased material, this journey through sound is a must for fans of Space Rock, Psychedelic, Progressive, Rock, Folk Rock & Jazz. Across the 3 CDs there are 37 tracks provided by 17 bands/artists:

Body Full Of Stars, Laurence Campling, Census Of Hallucinations, Clear Blue Sky, The Clowning Achievement, Glodblug, Krom Lek, Kevin Heard, Ohead, One Foot In The Groove, Paradox One, The Rabbit's Hat, Root Deco, Shay Tal, The Spectacles, Sixtus The Fifth, Stella Polaris & Tram.

By purchasing this brand new Stone Premonitions collection for 2017, you are enabling the collective to continue in their quest to create unique and exciting new music.

Thank you for your support!
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The Brand new album for 2017

Celebrating 20 years of ohead







The Rabbit's Hat



“In their field, The Rabbit's Hat are damn near peerless as you can get and would make most bands of this ilk green with envy.
No faves, no crap, all Brilliant!
Please check out this band now.”


“The Rabbit’s Hat are one of the few bands you can put on at a party or just listen to.
Music to make you dance and think.
Good time music for dangerous times.”


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Krom Lek



Hawkwind, Hillage, Gong, Ozrics with vocals, space rock, psychedelia, an aboriginal touch (the unique use of a bogeridoo- don't ask me to explain!), flutes, spaced out guitar, a bass player you can actually hear, solid drumming,the lot.

"If you like your space rock ,Kromlek have never sounded better."

"In theory Kromlek, if promoted in the right places, could match Ozric Tentacles or Hawkwind in the popularity stakes - stunning!"


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Stella Polaris


Tim Jones and co are back under yet another name and have never sounded better. This (mostly) all instrumental CD starts off with a great Pink Floyd inspired groove with Dave Hendry (Ohead) setting the scene on keyboards and Tim unleashing some of the best guitar licks I’ve heard from him. Dave Gilmour take note! The rest of the band play their part of course with Paddi in the drumstool on the 9 minutes of ‘Off With Their Heads’. The rest of the drumming is supplied by Kevin Thompson and wisely ‘Stella Polaris’ is no succession of guitar solos and Dave Hendry’s presence helps greatly to build a heady atmospheric vibe on curiously entitled tracks like ‘So What If They’ve Got Tee Shirts in Denmark’. ‘Retroglide’ gives some indication of some of Tim’s influences while more unexpected is the acerbic ‘distant’ vocal on ‘Givin’ It Large’ to the accompaniment of some nice jazz-like chords and tabla. ‘Stella Polaris’ is quite simply a guitar fest and more- what’s not to like?


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Stone Premonitions 2010



The Clowning Achievement is the mindblowing new release from this fine collective of musicians. Featuring Tim Jones, Terri-B, Paddi and Dave Hendry. This is an absolute masterpiece. To be filed under psychedelic rock for sure. The album is unique  and has a very warm feel to it.. Probably the best ever release on Stone Premonitions.


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Terri~B, vocalist, musician and songwriter extraordinaire from Census of Hallucinations and The Rabbit's Hat.

The vocals always sound smooth and rich, the music engineering outstanding and the musicianship professional caliber

If you are a lover of progressive music with female vocals I recommended you get in contact to check this out for yourself. I’m betting you will be captivated. 


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Tim Jones



Tim Jones....the main founder member of Stone Premonitions steps out in style in his solo projects.

Tim has acquired huge respect worldwide for his work as vocalist, musician, songwriter, producer and in forming Stone Premonitions. He has tirelessly devoted time and energy to promoting good music and continues to do so. 


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ohead is the alter ego of  musician and producer Dave Hendry who has also featured on the Stone Premonitions releases by SP2010, The Global Broad Band and Stella Polaris.

ohead is a mix of psychedelic space rock fused with Komishe electronica, trance and dub vibes.

  Lush, rhythmic and spaced out, this is music for the head.


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When's The Future

    Those familiar with the psychedelic , spacerock Hawkwind/ Gong/ Ozrics influenced Krom Lek will know of the wonderfull side project When's the Future. Krom Lek have taken a big step forward here as the style rapidly undergoes a metamorphosis into a kind of ambient experimentalism.

 You can find almost everything you could possibly want from psychedelic rock music, marvellous, very groovy rock songs,really far-out mind-expanding parts, modern computer-made electronic beats and sounds, weird samples, space sounds, tribal stuff with percussion and didgeridoo, wind instruments, good vocals and the list goes on and on...


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Body Full of Stars



Mix 70s Santana with Osibisa and add David Gilmour-style guitar...I believe Body Full Of Stars have found new and evolutionary ways into the special here-and-now of eclectic head music,a really amazing kind of tribal-rock hypnotic trance


 The music is well played by this tight band and Holder's guitar licks are gorgeously tasteful and sometimes shred without you even realizing he just blazed a trail of licks 


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 Rapoon is a project by Zoviet France founder-member Robin Storey producing experimental ambient music. Now he has co-operated with Census of Hallucinations and the result is a very hypnotic, floating sonic mass. Fans of Steven Wilson's Bass Communion will for sure like this.

The album has ten tracks that, as far as I can see, are based on recordings of Census of Hallucinations. This is very strange, minimal, floating and slowly, if at all, progressing stuff that includes weird loops.


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Jack in the Box


 Jack in the Box is a new project by Tim Jones known from the band Census of Hallucinations. Apart from Tim (vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keyboards and sound effects) also featured is drummer Sekrit Steve, his old pal from the Somebody Famous times.This album has 11 tracks of pretty psychedelic, pleasant and mainly pop-like rock.

All in all, Do You Believe in Beetles? is a very nice, enjoyable whole that will go down well with all the Tim Jones fans out there.




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Somebody Famous


Somebody Famous began life as a Tim Jones solo project in the mid 1980s.Tim was spotlighted in the 1987 "Famous For Fifteen Minutes" film produced by Geoff Wonfor.

They performed hundreds of gigs in the UK in the four years of their existence (1989 - 1992) and alongside Tim Jones on vocals and guitar, the band featured Steve Sekrit on drums & percussion, Chris Oddy on bass and following the departure of Chris in 1990, the talented Irish fretless bass player Friz took over.This is a two CD set collection.



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The Kites albums feature the excellent song writing of Paul Campbell from the North East of England. Paul has been playing guitar and writing songs for a number of years. He has written with artists such as Cathy Dennis, Graham Gouldman, Henry Priestman, Alex Callier (Hooverphonic)
The lead vocals are performed by Tim Jones
Steve Robson is on drums and percussion whilst Irish Celtic Rock bass player and trombonist Ken Linton is the other dynamic half of the rhythm section.
The albums also feature talented North East session player Penny Callow on trumpet and strings, alongside the superb backing vocal talents of Terri~B, Liz Wilson, Amanda Charles Vincent and Juliet Whitworth.



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    Tim Jones (vocals, guitar), Mark Dunn (bass, guitar), Paddi Addison (drums)

 Neon came together early in 1976 and wrote original material which they would eventually describe as 'progressive punk'.

In March 2006, Snaps Music released a multisession cdrom for this cult uk punk band of the seventies.The audio section contains their 2 singles issued in the late seventies, unreleased audio tracks from John Peel Session, other radio sessions, live tracks and 3 new tracks. The multimedia section contains the complete history and family tree story of the band, a rare photo gallery, interviews of the band and reviews of the past. It's all issued in a special digisleeve package with a numbered cd vinyl.


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Stone Premonitions Compilations



  A collection of music from the archives of the Stone Premonitions label. Featuring The Rabbit's Hat, Census of Hallucinations, Body Full of Stars, Krom Leck, Terri-B and Tim Jones. 


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The Spectacles



The Spectacles from the North East of England

featuring Andy Clarke, Jan Croot and Penny Grennan.


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Glod Blug



  A splodge of creatively minded musicians thrown together in a globule of beautiful ambience, sub divided into great globs of  pure joy.


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Laurence Campling

   Laurence Campling has travelled a long and winding road through music, theatre, the arts and media.  Now a successful documentary filmmaker based in Sacramento, California, he started out performing musical street theatre in some of England’s roughest neighbourhoods during the Thatcher years.  

After relocating to San Francisco he fell in with avant-garde legends The Residents, creating massive artworks and for their first international tour, The Mole Show, for which he was the art stage manager.  

He subsequently moved to Boston where he performed as lead guitarist in the influential industrial/techno combo Dresden Danse, produced by Greg Hawkes of The Cars.  He also appeared as one half, with Michael Oster, of the guitar duo Popular Mechanics.  During this time he also studied with King Crimson maestro Robert Fripp as a member of the League of Crafty Guitarists.

After returning to San Francisco he immersed himself in tech-related media production, producing profiles of many prominent musicians including David Bowie, Boy George, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Travis.

But music has never been far from view, and he has continued to compose, record and perform his own songs, drawing deeply on native influences that listeners will readily identify, including Nick Drake, Richard Thompson and John Martyn, as well as artists such as Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Bruce Cockburn.  

From all these influences - ranging from the traditional to the experimental, from high-tech production to unadorned song writing - comes a unique voice of uncommon lyrical intelligence and emotional depth.


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Great new release featuring

Barry Mart - Novation Circuit, Novation Ultranova, Roland JP-8000, Korg Kaossilator,
Korg Monotron Delay & M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro
John Simms – Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Backing Vocals & Programming
Tim Jones – Vocals
Maxine Marten – Backing Vocals & Percussion
James Jones – Narration of his poems ‘Seven Ages Of  Modern Man’ & ‘Nathan Napster’ on ‘Line Of Fire’

All music written by Tram from original ideas by Barry Mart
Lyrics by Tony Morland
Engine-Eared by Tram.
Final mixes & production by Tim Jones for Stone Premonitions 2016 


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Shay Tal



  The new album by Shay Tal 'From The Ice To The Sand' is a collection of adventurous and colourful songs that include a wide variety of musical styles, strong visual imagery and haunting tunes.


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